Last time in Base Camp before the Summit

and I quote…


Well, we are back down at base camp…for the last time before we push to the summit. This last rotation was tough on me, very. If ever I run into someone that tells me “I’ve heard (yes they always hear it somewhere) climbing Everest is not that hard “ I will for sure knock the so hard on their A$$! This is not hard…right now it seems impossible.

From Crossing the Khumbu falls the first time (when I fell down the ladder) till now, things have moved…when I say move…there are even more places where they need ladders, but they now don’t have any more left. Now you have to jump wearing crampons, backpack and still sucking for air. There is no place to run and then jump…no, no…just freaking jump. It is so scary. I have my Dawa put a safety rope on me and him, (much to his annoyance, guess what; I don’t care). We do an effort of jumping and pulling….see, it works, I am still here!

Camp 1 does not exist anymore. From base camp, you go straight to Camp 2. It’s a lot of up and down and over ladders, lots of using junmar (it’s a climbing tool that helps you go horizontally up and we use it a lot) and then there is this non-stop section where you go up (not a steep angle, but steep enough) for a very long time. It feels like days.

Finally, Camp 2. Well, much more primitive, much colder, much windier, just much more basic. We do have a cook tent, where we eat as well. I think one of the toughest things is to eat, just because you need the energy. It is hard….I hate rice…I hate pasta…well, I’ve been trying to eat it because that’s what we eat up high.

And then…the cold…what can I say…it’s COLD. I’ve been wearing two pairs of heat warm in my gloves and it doesn’t seem like it makes a difference. It seems likeI have to tell my fingers what to do. It feels like I’m getting paranoid about frost bite…don’t think I am. My fingers haven’t turned black again, would love to keep it that way.

From Camp 2 it feels like it’s just straight up to Camp 3. No one sleeps there, as it is at that point that we will start using oxygen.

Here are a few things that I might have changed knowing what I know now before this climb:

  1. I would have moved into a walk-in fridge and lived there for 2 years

  2. During my training program, if Rob said run 15 miles, I would have sprinted 30, wearing a mask…breathing is still very hard

  3. I would have just eaten watered-down rice for the last 5 months

  4. I would have my answer for “Why are you doing this?” completely worked out

Thanks for following out blog. I didn’t want to write when we just got down, cause I was tired, and tired makes me angry. Reading this again….ooops…seems like I’m still a wee bit angry.

Still angry (hahaha)