Khumbu Cough and Camp 2


Yup, we were suppose to be heading to camp 2.... that’s before the Khumbu cough got hold of me and Daniel!

Dan got it a few days before me and worked through it faster, it seems . Me , it hit me like sledge hammer. It is like a terrible head cold with a very annoying cough. I never knew I could produce this amount of (I know the fancy word is mucus, but this is just an incredible amount of snot, nothing fancy about it).  I spent two days in my tent. I was out for the count. Pemba and Dawa brought me food in the tent , and checked up on me very frequently. They got in the habit of calling me Didi, it means sister in Nepali. When they approached my tent you would hear very softly “ Didi, Didi “ before you hear the zippers of the tent opening. The boys, Dan and Thomas did a 4 hour hike to bring me a coke... tasted like heaven, and I felt special as hell.

I started feeling better yesterday afternoon, had dinner in our dining tent. Besides still coughing and draining I feel 100% better and we will move tonight through the ice fall up to camp two. We will come back down, spend one night in camp one and then back to base camp. Just heads up, there is this weird time change between US and Nepal. Nepal is 10:45 hours ahead of US( Missouri).

At night time there are now two distinct sounds here at base camp . One is constant coughing . That is because the air is so dry and cold , most everyone has this annoying cough. The other sound is the avalanches. Thomas counted 15 the other night. He is hyper vigilant about them. I have to admit , it is very scary.

Will take some pics of our  amenities, so you can enjoy. Especially the toilet. Basecamp is on a glacier , which and  because of summer it is melting. They build the toilets on these big rocks and fit a big plastic container underneath, that catches everything. Remember I said it is a glacier? Well I went in there the other day for number two. Because it’s number two , you can’t say midstream, but anyway. In the middle of my business some of these rocks started falling.... scary. They had to move the toilet yesterday because of the unstableness. It could have been really bad.

Besides the Khumbu cough, the hardest thing for me are these darn hot flashes!! As everyone knows, I am suffering from mad cow disease , also known as menopause. Part of this fun adventure is just suddenly, feeling that you are on fire! It is very hard for me to regulate my temperature when we are climbing. I do know, however, that sometime during this climb, I’m gonna get one of those flashes, exactly when I need them. By the way, if you read somewhere that Everest is melting with incredible speed, it’s not..... just me being on fire.

We are taking the satellite phone with to camp two. I will make sure to send Leslie a text so she can relay our progress.

Still happy