Ice Falls and Acclimating


Our Typhod Team has been busy in the below freezing cold doing acclimation hikes, and getting their bodies ready to sustain all the strenuous activity to come. Today was a day with obstacle courses climbing metal ladders, and tomorrow they will prepare to hike up the Khumbu Icefalls.

The movements our climbers make have to be slow and steady, their bodies not only have to get used to the lower oxygen levels, but they also need to begin producing more red blood cells in order to be able to function on less oxygen.

Khumbu Icefalls are at an altitude of 17,999 feet. It is an ice river that moves every day by several feet. From what I understand, most people begin to climb the icefall during the night, usually around midnight or one in the morning, as it is safest when the sun is not out. Our climbers will go up the falls and come back down while they acclimate. There will also be a group of “ice doctors” along the way, who are in charge of maintaining the routes to and from camp as the ice shifts throughout the day and new crevasses open and new ladders and ropes have to be set up.

The photos that have been sent by the team are stunning. The colors are breathtaking, but boy does it look COLD. Can’t wait to see photos of the team in action. More to come….