Friday...Return from Camp 2


What a wild ride. We back from camp 2, a day late but we’re here!

We started uneventfully with a 3 am wake up . The Buddhist love little altars. Even though it’s impossible to imagine this, but it’s the truth. We started off in this line, go the opposite way from the ice fall , by this time there is juniper burning. You grab a handful of rice, do some weird stuff with it and then throw it in the air while we are circling this altar. Now only we head to the ice fall. The circling of the altar sounds kinda sweet, except that there are rocks and ice and it is very uneven. Every time we do it I think I have a bigger chance of breaking my leg , right there, without leaving base camp. 

Now we head through the ice fall. Up ( mostly up now) and a little down. Clipping in, clipping out of the fixed lines .Huffing and puffing, weaving but most of all trying to move as fast as we can cause this area is dangerous. We climb up ladders, we cross crevasses on ladders... and then it happened... I fell off a ladder... more of a glide... and there I was hanging, clipped into my two safety lines.  Karma, one of our Sherpas, leaned over and clipped an extra safety rope on my back pack , chest strap. I know I’m gonna sound like a hero( which I’m not) I was so exhausted by then that I kinda enjoyed the little rest of just hanging out there. I honestly wasn’t scared ( maybe I should have been, refresh that, I should have been. We got told this morning that another climber died falling down one of these same ladder crevasse’s). Karma got me up and over and away we went again. Now,  I do however have a video of Thomas crossing the ladders. Looking at it , it seems like he was the one that fell down the ladder. After going all the way up to Camp 2 and back down again , it seems like the boy conquered his fear of using the ladder.

Getting into camp 1... loud , very loud flapping sounds because of the storms. We got in our tents, Dan and I were sharing  for the first time. There could have been 23 people in the tent with me, I was too tired to even care. Even though there was a terrible storm through the night and very loud noises, I slept like a baby. Could have been a good dose of adrenaline . Next day we went to camp 2. 

Camp 2 felt like we were never ever gonna get there. You can see the tents, you go up this hill for 40 minutes ... guess what ... it feels even further away. We got there, finally, turned around and went down sleeping at Camp 1 again. Winds were terrible , worse than the day before. 

The next morning we headed out early to base camp. That sounds like a walk around Loose Park... it’s not . 
Finally made it, got in bed and took a long nap... wait a minute... retrace our steps...  we radioed in and Pemba, our head chef had to listen to me bitching about wanting Sherpa stew. It was lovely.

We are still strong