Dingboche now...Internet bad...

“Dingboche now Internet bad” this is the message I received this morning.


Well…since that’s about all the news we have for today, let’s think about what Team Typhod is doing in Dingboche today. Dingboche is a Sherpa village with a population of about 200, altitude of about 4,410 meters, which is around 14,470 feet. Oh what I would give to see how these 200 citizens react to our beloved Elsa and the boys. I can guarantee she is making friends all over the place and they will forever remember that voice and friendly laugh. I bet you our team is acclimating and enjoying the halfway mark to the base camp hike. Once you reach Dingboche, you should be on day 5 of the trek. This area is known for having some mountain sheep called Argali, I hope we get some good pics of some. This place is also known to have a bakery where people visit and order tea and other local treats.

From what I have read, this is a place for a good overnight stay and acclimation of a couple days, as people start to feel the altitude once they reach Dingboche. There is a trekking trail where people go to hike around and acclimate before continuing on to the next stop, Lobuche….and some stories to go along with them.