Saturday Morning


What a great day! Woke up in our very roomy tents. Got served tea in our tents and shortly there after were showed how to hit the snow off our tent roofs. We got pummeled! 5 hours later and it’s still going.
Breakfast was fabulous, because of maybe... me being a bit forceful, I got served two bowls of Sherpa stew.. boys got poached eggs and toast? I got that too.

We just hung around in the dining tent for the whole morning until Dan first disappeared, little bit later Thomas. Lunch came... well it was interesting, especially after I promised myself I need to eat everything they served ( didn’t last long) . Lunch consisted of steamed cabbage and carrots, French fries, chocolate pan cakes and sardines...

The boys started building snowmen before lunch. Of course Dan had a bunch of structural pointers to help Thomas with his snowman. Pics to follow.