The big day has arrived

After months of training, dreaming, having nightmares, getting excited, freaking out…it’s time to get the last of our gear in the overstuffed duffels ( duffels looks like seals), say our goodbyes and head out.

Training was intense, fun and very consuming. Thanks to everyone that supported us through it.

Confession time, I had my own private training, using my shepee…yup, there is such a thing. I now am as efficient standing and peeing, as any man! Makes life sooo much easier. I did have loads of fun mastering it and can now stand and pee with the best of them.

A few little hickups, this last week…from one climber contracting typhoid fever, to losing his luggage (he found it) to literally last minute shopping, like yesterday….same climber:) we are ready as we gonna be.

I had to drop off my beloved Maxwell Bleeker at his second home, he is happy, which really makes me happy. Thank you Ally, I know Max will be taken care of well and not have one knot in his hair:)

We will be arriving in Kathmandu on 9 April.

Just reread the post again…well, for someone that always have too much to say, this is it…out of words. This is all I have , for now:)

Thanks for following