Monkeying around

Tick tock… that’s the sound of the checking/shopping/packing/eating clock , running out of time…. tick .. tock.

With less than 24 hours before our 4 hour Jeep ride, followed by the flight to Lukla we need to wrap things up here in Kathmandu. But then, laughter is good for your soul, and with that in mind we made sure we got a few doses of that in yesterday.

Gerald , our main and only cheerleader, got over the initial shock , that most first time visitors experience during their first encounter with this jewel of craziness, the beloved Kathmandu. He was a champ, sitting up front next to the driver. We first headed out to the monkey temple. There is a fancy official name for it , but seeing that there are many monkeys and many temples, and seeing that I’m too lazy to look up the name right now, we will be calling it the monkey temple.

Thomas was not in full disclosure mode before we ventured out there. He has kind of a weird obsession with only the little monkeys jumping on his head. What can I say, boys will be boys… I’m not talking this #metoo confessions stuff, my boys are good! They banded together, bought snacks for the monkeys and tried their outmost best to get the monkeys, only the little ones to jump on Thomas’s head. But to everyone’s amusement, the big ones with the pink asses will come, and up jumps Thomas. I kept my distance, but was with him … those big ones are scary as hell. Daniel and Gerald were the video/ food props crew. Never knew, that to Thomas, not all monkeys were equal… haha the big ones and the ones with diarrhea made him move fast.

Next stop( sorry, but I’m not gonna look up the real name of this place, right now cause I’m technologically impaired and I’m scared whatever I’ve written will disappear) so let’s call it human barbecue place. It’s an outdoor crematorium with many Hindu temples. We got to watch them make fire to an already dead man( had to clarify that because my friend, that I spoke to yesterday thought it was like a human sacrifice.) There are many of these fire pits. They take huge logs of wood, put the body on it, our guy’s face was not covered. Next step is dried grass on top and then they light it up. When they done they just sweep the, whatever remains are left, into the river…. weird, really weird to us that are used to the 6 ft burials or the impersonal cremations , were you hope that this vase with ashes that they give you, is actually the ashes of your person.

Wait a minute, I have the sequence wrong, we are not that heartless that we would have been able to eat , right after cremation. So in between the above two activities, we went to a huge (emphasis on huge), stupa. Its a heritage site, beautiful, little bit of a tourist trap , but who is gonna trap us :) Great lunch( by now Gerald is kinda getting really hungry but he is still freaked out about the thought of yak milk and yak butter and yak cheese, we are eating, he is having a coke).

Back to the hotel ..where we had to sign papers, went through climbing program , ask many questions…I could see that in all our faces , the reality of our huge endeavor is settling in our bones… this s@&! Is about to become real.

i have this saying that hunger doesn’t discriminate, and hunger has no taste… and I was proven right. We went to a pizza place cause our beloved Thomas wanted to eat what he was for sure not gonna get on the mountain, and I’m 110% sure pizza was a good guess. Well after two days of only eating eggs and dry bread, our cheerleader, Gerald changed his mind about the yak cheese. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it’s water buffalo cheese… not that I think it would have made a difference… the boy ate that whole pizza. Back to the hotel and we were out for the count.

still having fun