Team Tyhpoid

30 hours of traveling, many stops, plenty bad airplane food, trying to sleep in the Chinese gymnast or human pretzel position…we have arrived in Kathmandu.

One deep breath,… followed by standing in one line after the next , after the next to get our visas and paperwork done.. Suddenly, the oh s$@! moment… you start praying and doing all weird stuff in your mind, like rituals you’ve seen other people perform, to all the gods out there (don’t wanna miss one… Basically like an umbrella with every god , that you know of, huddled together underneath, and you desperately hope you hit the target… which is I HOPE OUR LUGGAGE MADE IT! And then, slowly but surely, here they come, with like 15min intervals. Who cares, it’s here.

Happy to see Dawa’s face when we got out of the airport. We got our flower necklaces, there is a better name for it, but I like flower necklace. In the taxi and off we went.

By now my exhaustion has kicked in big time, but we still need a few pieces of not so important gear. Grabbed that at the second shop we passed and I realized that I’m caput, because one of my favorite pastimes is haggling, and none of that was happening.

Nice celebration beer and tandoori chicken, and we back at our hotel where we met up with Thomas.

Team Typhoid consist of 3 members. First there’s Dan, also know as Dan the man, or Daniel . What a fine specimen of athleticism he is, hence “Dan the man”. What makes him such a great team member is his incredible knowledge of gear… this boy knows his stuff…. I think everyone, secretly wants to be like Dan. His other great characteristic is , Dan is a flat liner.. which means nothing really riles him up… compared to, Thomas and I who are cardiac arrest, up and down and all over the place, in a fun and sometimes hilarious way. Dan is exactly what our two ADHD asses need. Thomas is our other member… remember I mentioned one member getting Typhoid and losing luggage… Mr Thomas Becker….I love being around Thomas cause he is sooo disorganized… makes me feel superior 🤣😂… cause anyone that really knows me , knows I’m not. But, Thomas gets stuff done and in the end that’s what matters:) ( I have to remember to take a pic of Thomas’s wool undies, he got Alpaca ones… but the only alpaca part of it is the little printed alpacas 🙈)

We have a 7 o’clock gear check… time to go wake the boys…

PS: our main cheerleader, for the base camp trek section , is landing at 12:35. Looking forward to spend time laughing at my beloved son, Gerald Bleeker.