First glimpse of the big one… Everest


Three days into the first phase ( base camp trek) of our climb and life is a breeze.

A rough 4 hour bus ride (with heads bobbing off the windows, trying to get in a little bit more shut eye) which started at 2am. Well that was followed by a whole day sitting at this little airport waiting for the weather to clear, for our flight to Lukla. The weather forecast for the next day look pretty sketchy as well, so we got all fancy and chartered a helicopter. Flight was smooth with absolutely beautiful views.

First night in Khumbu valley was great. Hit the walking trail at 6 am next morning to Namche. This is normally a two day hike , but team Typhoid with cheerleader in tow, was strong, steady, yet sweaty and made it in great time…. well actually our cheerleader also known as princess fairy sparkle, literally collapsed against the center post, in the restaurant and said“ I can not F$&@@! move, I’m serious, I can’t move”. Boy was exhausted and I think he now has a better idea of what is in store for team Typhoid on a small scale.


Two nights in Namche. Our time was spend with an acclimation hike from where we got our first glimpse of the BIG ONE… Everest, followed by a sports massage…. have to interrupt myself here…. The great Mr Becker decided, in Kathmandu that he needed a massage. Dan went with him, thought it was a bit funny when the one lady came from the back, adjusting her belt, but didn’t think about it again, till later. Well Thomas’s masseuse was not happy with him. Apparently he didn’t get the memo… it’s not a real massage, she kept on asking him if he really wants massage, but didn’t like his answer, 15 min into slapping him some she walked out of there…..great food, a few beers, laughter, making friends and with a good idea of what’s coming, just enjoying the now for what it is … absolutely awesome.


Up early and we hit the trail again. Uneventful, no hiccups or even heavy breathing. We feel strong, happy and healthy! We are in Tengboche, heading to Dingboche tomorrow.

There’s really not a lot to say about Dan.. he is Dan and everyone wants to be like Dan.

From now on our internet availability will be minimal. I will send updates to Leslie via satellite phone and she will be writing our blog posts, which I know for sure will be much more legible. Thanks Leslie!!!! If, however, I happen to get a bar or two on the 3G, I surely will update you guys with the nitty gritty.

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