Secret Socks and Puppy Love

from Elsa…

Everything I am about to write is true, and an accurate account about how I ended up completely refilled with puppy love . Yup, I know…this has nothing AND everything to do with climbing.


We are in this holding pattern now…waiting for the jet stream to move off the summit of Everest, which mean very low winds and much safer summit conditions. Dawa gave us til the 16th of May to get away from basecamp, to go get mentally and physically refueled.

So full of excitement, we left yesterday morning. All smiles and giggle we hop along the, by now, well worn path towards Dingboche. It’s about a 6 hour walk. Well, when we got to our Coca-Cola stop, it had started snowing hard. I suggested going in to the tea house and kinda wait it out, or maybe make a day of it. Sleep in Gorak Shep and go further the next day. Once inside the dinning area, Thomas and Dan were seriously contemplating going back to base camp and starting over again the next day. Well, I don’t know what Dan’s motivation was, but Thomas…well, he was wearing secret socks. Yup, secret freaking socks…let it sink in a second. We are about 18,000 ft high, we have clothing, socks, shoes, hats that will have us survive at -30…and then, there was this tiny little hole in Thomas’s luggage, that he had to fill…with secret freaking socks. Not only that, he actually felt the need to wear them. I’m still laughing about it.

So, around 2, the boys took off, back to base camp. I stayed behind for a few reasons. I had proper socks, I didn’t feel like walking back, AND there is this puppy dog at the tea house that I’ve been eying. Well, it didn’t take long for puppy and I to end up in my bed, snoring away. What a cuddler he is!

Will keep you guys updated on our 4 days off.

Refueling, any which way possible!