Off to the Summit...

Yes folks…YES

Team Typhoid heads to the summit tonight….our time tonight…..

I received a message from Elsa’s Satellite phone today stating they were in Camp 3 with Oxygen and headed to Camp 4 (approximately a 3 hour hike) this morning at 8am…so they should have been there at around 11am CST. There is a 20 hour hike to the summit from Camp 4….not sure if that was to be done immediately today or if they will do that tomorrow….but with the difference in time, I would assume they are en-route!

I can not stress enough to PLEASE SEND TEXT MESSAGES TO +881632598393

Make sure you include the + on your phone when sending these messages for them to go through. Save them to your contacts and send as many encouraging texts as you can to provide our team with the strength to make it up…but even more…down from the summit.

Let’s keep them going!

I’ll update again once I receive any more messages!