No more Lazy days...

The message I received reads…”Last complete lazy day! Although we did a 3.5 hour hike for a coke…so worth it. Here is our schedule:

We will be leaving Wednesday Morning at 3AM (which is about 12 hours ahead of you) we will go straight up (through the ******* falls again) to camp 2. Then a complete rest day, maybe 2…depeding on our physical state. then we head up to camp 3 to only touch and spend an hour or two (no sleep there as that is where we start using Oxygen). We will come down to camp 2 and sleep.

Thursday, all the way to base camp. When we went up the previous time, a few people sent us text messages. It was absolute heaven to receive them. Dan and I read them at night and it really was very encouraging. It’s free to send messages to satelite phone. You have to write your name because we won’t know by number….It gets lonely up there. We still strong, I just have this ******** Khumbu cough…I’m sure I’m gonna crack a rib”

YOU GUYS HEARD THE LADY!!! PLEASE SEND ENCOURAGING TEXTS TO THE SATELLITE PHONE!!! Here is the number as it should be entered on your phones: (and please enter the “+” symbol)



Here is the latest photo that I have received…pretty awesome … That is Elsa hanging from the ladder when she slipped off….