All said via email...


Well the time has arrived to say goodbye to our cheerleader!

He was such a stud. This kind of trip is something that he will never
do, but he got out of his comfort zone to come and do this journey with his Mom. He went from “
You can not eat that “
And I have to shower “ to not showering for two days and eating because he was hungry.
He hiked up to our base camp, where we will be staying for the next 4 weeks. We had a quick lunch and he turned all the way around. He has been suffering from extreme head aches. Funny thing, I gave him a few altitude tablets, had no time to explain side effects. 

Have to admit, I was very sad, when he left, Thomas walked him out, I  got into my -40 sleeping bag and stayed there for a few hours 

He texted me the next day , very relieved, as a fellow hiker we’re telling him about the side effects, very frequent urination and tingly fingers. Boy thought he had frost bite.

Thank you for making this part of the journey with me, and making it memorable, thank you for getting out of your comfort zone ... and more. I love you with all my heart.

Well here we are, in base camp. My favorite part, the warm water bottle we get every night.  We have box tents, what a relief, you can walk in, stand up, no crawling.

We also have a dining tent where we are served three meals a day. Problem is the lack of appetite and all the carbs.

Yesterday we did an acclimation climb, went up to 18 600ft. Took it out of Dan and I. Thomas, living in Bolivia has had no problem with getting adjusted to altitude.

Our camp is right I front of the Khumbu falls, every time we hear a avalanche, Thomas runs out. Dan and I are too caput.

Today we played in front of the ice fall , practicing crossing the ladders , using jumar and climbing up the ladders.

We were suppose to go at 2am tonight, but because Dan and I are not 100% we have postponed till tomorrow. Just heard the news that no one is going, as the route broke. The ice fall doctors will be out there fixing it tonight.

Oh, nearly forgot, we had a pusa which is a Buddhist offering that everyone does before the expedition. A Lama came from a village below, they burned juniper, hanged little flags, gave everyone cookies and chocolates, a lot of chanting, we threw flour in the air and drank rice wine. Actually we just took a sip, nasty stuff.

Tomorrow we are just walking around, checking in at the medical tent, try and rest and get ready for evening of crossing Khumbu falls.

Our reception is really spotty, I try and update when I can.

We still strong