+8-816-325-983-93...MESSAGE THIS NUMBER...IT IS TIME!

Our Typhoid team has put in their bid to summit….they are leaving right about now and will be starting their summit experience….We need to send encouraging messages for the next 3-4 days! Send as many as you can whenever you remember, we gotta get them all pumped up and encourage all we can! Here is the post I received: …

After more than 18 months of training, dreaming, eating and annoying everyone around us, we are only a few hours away from our summit bid.

Tonight, at 2am Kathandu time, we will cross the beloved ice fall again, and head to Camp 2.

Great news I hear from the Sherpas is, they have either redirected or put ladders up at those huge crevasses that started forming. One less thing to be concerned about.

We will be in Camp 2 one night and then its up to Camp 3 also one night. Then in Camp 4 and the beloved summit. There is a 3 day window for summit, not great but it could be worse. Windchill of -38! (big eyed emoji)

Wish us luck and PLEASE let the encouraging text messages to satellite phone stream in!

Thanks for the support and being part of this.

Love you all,